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Busy Bee Powerwashing offers a number of different services to clean up your dirty, mildew covered or stained home, commercial property, driveway, deck, fence or any other structure.

Soft Washing

Soft Washing is Similar to pressure washing as the outcome is the same like-new appearance after the cleaning process. The main difference is that rather than using a high-pressure spray, a combination of detergents, scrubbing and gentle rinsing are used to remove the dirt and mildew. We will often utilize both techniques depending on the project.

Roof Washing

Roof washing employs different techniques to remove the mildew, moss and stains from your roof to restore the curb appeal of your home or commercial building. It can also protect your roof’s longevity by removing the moss. Moss holds moisture, is home to bugs and bacteria that deteriorate your roof, and moss often collects more debris from trees that would otherwise just slide off the roof such as leaves, branches, acorns and seeds that will root and grow in the moss…. Roof washing usually makes a major difference, but occasionally the solution is to replace an old and worn-out roof. Have us take a look to see if a roof washing is the correct course of action for your wallet, or if a new roof is in order.

I highly recommend this company for all the services they provide. Tim was so personable, accommodating, and thorough. He took his time cleaning my gutters and kept me informed of any and all that he found. I will happily recommend this company to whoever needs their services. It’s so refreshing to find someone you can trust and who honestly cares about their customer.
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