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  Busy Bee is your go to company for both Residential and Commercial services. With a 5-star rating and stellar reviews, you can be assured you will receive the royal treatment. It is important to us to provide a level of service above and beyond what is even expected of us. This begins from the moment you reach out to us for a quote and continues through your experience with our friendly and capable techs at your home or commercial property. They make sure you are fully informed throughout the process and that you are pleased with the final result. And, finally we are here for you even after the job is complete! We are happy to return at no cost if you ever find any streaks on your windows or further clogs in your gutters. All it takes is a call. This is how we earn our 5-star-only reviews on each and every job.

Please have a look at our suite of residential and commercial services and as always, we encourage you to read our reviews.

Residential Window Cleaning

Busy Bee offers full-service window cleaning. This means cleaning both interior glass and exterior glass, storm windows, and even your hard-to-reach windows and skylights inside your home or commercial property. Our experienced techs will make sure your window sills are wiped clean, window tracks free of dirt, bugs and cobwebs, as well as treating your dusty screens to a touch up to put the cherry on top.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Busy Bee offers commercial window cleaning services for your business whether an office building, warehouse, condominium, manufacturing facility or any other type of commercial building. Our techs will take special care in working around your commercial property’s specific requirements such as specified operating hours, parking and traffic control, respecting your employees’ workspaces and privacy as well as accommodating requests for custom tailored project guidelines. Commercial buildings often have soaring interior atriums. Not a problem! Busy Bee employs a number of approaches to access difficult to reach areas. With an array of different ladders, narrow man lifts that fit through doorways to reach interior atrium windows and aerial lifts that extend as high as 135 feet to reach windows many stories high on the exterior of your buildings, we can handle nearly anything. All of our aerial lift operators are officially certified in safety and operation of the lifts used to complete your largest projects. Did we mention that we also offer aerial lift services for tasks other than window cleaning?

Screen Cleaning and Repairs

Most of the time when we do a window cleaning, it is sufficient to just dust off the screens to remove dust and cobwebs, however on occasion an extra filthy screen requires a full washing. Busy Bee has you covered. We can wash those screens and make the dirt and dust build-up disappear, restoring the screens to their original look. We also offer repair services to fix your worn out or torn screens. Have us take a look and make a recommendation.

Chandelier Cleaning and Bulb Replacement

Speaking of difficult to reach places, Busy Bee offers chandelier cleaning and bulb replacement to polish that brand new sparkle back into your ornamental lighting fixtures and chandeliers. No more dust and cobwebs or climbing unstable ladders… have our techs do the climbing and cleaning for you. And hey, while we are up there, we can install long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs that won’t burn out next month. Allow us to really dress-up your chandelier into the brilliant showpiece it deserves to be. Did we mention that we clean exterior lamps and replace your hard-to-reach floodlight bulbs?

Exterior Lamp Cleaning

One of the most overlooked and neglected cleaning tasks at your home is your exterior lamps. Have you ever noticed how filthy the glass and fixture can be? They are always full of bugs, cobwebs and have dirty and dull glass. Not a problem. Have Busy Bee Clean your exterior lamps to a high shine and they will once again illuminate your homes exterior creating a beautiful nighttime decor, not to mention you will be able to see your driveway and walkway again! And hey, while we have your lamps taken apart for cleaning, have us install new, long lasting, energy efficient bulbs that won’t need to be replaced again next month! Did we mention that we can also replace your floodlights that are out of reach as well as clean your chandeliers???

Bulb Replacement – Floodlights, Lamps, Lamp Posts, Chandeliers, Sconces…

You likely have burned out bulbs in your floodlights, chandeliers and other difficult to reach lighting fixture. Have us replace your old bulbs with new long lasting, energy efficient bulbs that won’t burn out next month. Did we mention that we also clean all those difficult to reach lighting fixtures like chandeliers, and exterior lamps?

Gutter Cleaning

If you have clogged gutters or just want to make sure they are maintained to avoid potentially costly water damage to your home or property, Busy Bee has a suite of gutter services to make sure your next call isn’t to your insurance company. We can repair your loose or damaged gutters and downspouts, as well as make recommendations as to how to best handle the rainwater and snow melt from your roof. Sometimes it’s a simple fix to divert water away from your foundation, but if it requires a more complex solution, you can be sure your project is in capable hands.

Exterior Gutter Stain Removal

Almost every house we see has dirty and stained exterior facing gutter. The rest of the house looks beautiful, but those filthy stained gutters ruin the curb appeal. Have Busy Bee dress up your gutters with a full stain removal to restore your home’s curb appeal.

Gutter Guards

Busy Bee installs a number of different types of gutter guards to keep the leaves and pine needles from clogging your gutters.

Sometimes Gutter Guards aren't the answer!

It is important to understand that gutter guards aren’t always the fix-all solution that homeowners and even some installers are led to believe, often times resulting in a wasted investment. If we feel that the tree debris will just clog the gutter guards themselves, causing yet more expensive headaches, we may recommend a specific type of gutter guard or a different solution altogether. Often the proper plan of action is to just have your gutters cleaned annually or semi-annually. Call to have us walk your property and deliver a recommendation based on well over 20 years of experience. Our recommendation will be based on multiple factors such as what types of trees you have on your property, their proximity to your home and what style of gutters you have on your home. Only then can we create the proper custom solution tailored to your property’s unique situation. You will feelconfident your investment is worthwhile and that you are taking the appropriate steps to protect your property and your wallet.

Gutter and Downspout Repairs

If your gutters are hanging away from the house or you have detached or dented downspouts or even leaky corner seams, Busy Bee can resecure, reseal and refurbish your existing system to work as it was intended. If we feel the gutters are beyond repair and the proper course of action is to install a new gutter system, Busy Bee has an exclusive relationship with the most highly rated and sought-after installer in the area. (You already know who we are talking about… we’re lookin’ at you Mike *wink*) You can be sure you will be referred to the most capable and trustworthy installer in the business. Because of our exclusive relationship with his company, you will receive preferential treatment, which is important, because as we all know, he is booked for months *sigh*.

Rainwater Diversion

Busy Bee offers a number of solutions for diverting rainwater away from your property’s foundation, the proper solution to which depends on the landscape around your home or commercial buildings such as pitch of the land, structures, walls, paved areas and utilities.

Downspouts to Blend into the Environment

A popular water diversion solution to dirt and mulch washout in your gardens or flowerbeds is a simple brown downspout extension. It blends into the environment while solving your annoying washout problem.

Tim has done an exceptional job doing windows/gutters and mirrors for me at three separate homes. Each time, he arrived at the precise time he said he would. He provided a fair estimate ahead of the work. He worked hard to complete each job on time and most importantly, he did an absolutely fantastic job. He was impeccable in his level of detail: our windows look brand new (and they are windows from 1948). Tim was pleasant to work with and he is trustworthy. I own a real estate company, and I can tell you there is no one else I will ever call to do my windows and gutters. Thank you, Tim at Busy Bee, for providing such great service!
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